Updates & Easter Sale

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posted 5 hours ago

• The horse plugin should now work again.
• You can use /mh as a shorter command for those who didn't know.


• Diamond ranked players should now get double voting rewards.
You'll get $300 instead of $150 each vote.

• Added diamond rewards for reaching certain amounts of votes:

• 14 Total Votes = 7 Diamonds
• 28 Total Votes = 10 Diamonds
• 50 Total Votes = 10 Diamonds
• 100 Total Votes = 15 Diamonds
• 150 Total Votes = 15 Diamonds

Happy Easter!

• All items in the Donation Shop will be 20% off for the weekend!


Towny Prices & Other Changes

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ItsPimpin @ PimpinCraft Towny
posted Apr 9, 14
Towny Prices:

Yes, the prices have changed once again.

• The price to create a town has been changed to $30,000.
• The price to create a nation has been changed to $65,000.
• The price for daily town tax has been changed to $350.
• The price for daily nation tax has been changed to $650

Thunder Effect:

• The thunder effect has returned and will only be in the presence of Diamond VIP's.

Advertiser Rank:

• After much arguing and bickering, I've decided to add a advertiser rank. Anyone may apply.

There are requirements to the job though, so be sure to read the info on the app page.


• Ever wanted to chop someone's head off and keep it for your own sick pleasure? Now you can!

As suggested, this feature has been added. You may have remembered a feature like this if you played on the poor factions server. May his soul rest peacefully in the server junkyard.

Anyway, you'll have a 15% chance to chop someone's head off when killing them. The end.

Other Fixes:

• Disguises should now work correctly.
• Voting rewards should now work correctly.

If you have any questions/problems, PM me or post in the support section of the forum.

Bleukiller7 where are the info about the advertizer?
donnylwil TOWNY-TMOD
donnylwil @ PimpinCraft Towny
players of pimpincraft beware ...

March Top Voters

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ItsPimpin @ PimpinCraft Towny
posted Apr 2, 14
Here are the top 3 voters for the month of March:

1st - 456domino11
2nd - XFunnycatsxX

Send me a PM with your in-game name to claim your rewards.

Known plugin problems:

I'm aware of the issues with a few plugins like the Horse plugin, Disguises, etc.
Those won't be working until the authors put out a new version for them.

cheeseman86 Also, /n leave is broken, towns cant leave a nation unless they are kicked.

St. Patrick's Sale & Horsey Protection!

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ItsPimpin @ PimpinCraft Towny
posted Mar 17, 14
Tired of players stealing your horses?
You're now able to protect them!

Here are the commands:

/myhorse help - Lists all commands.
/myhorse list - Lists all selected horses.
/myhorse info - Shows info about the selected horse.
/myhorse claim - Claim the horse you're mounted on.
/myhorse lock - Locks your horse so no one can use it.
/myhorse unlock - Unlocks your horse so anyone can use it.
/myhorse goaway - Sets your horse free.
/myhorse kill - Horse being a bad boy? Why not kill them?!
/myhorse sell <amount> - Sets the selected horse for sale.
/myhorse goto <id> - Takes you to the selected horse.
/myhorse setowner <player> - Sets a new owner for the selected horse.
/myhorse addfriend <player> - Adds a friend to use the selected horse.
/myhorse removefriend <player> - Removes a friend from using the selected horse.
/myhorse select <id> - Selects one of your horses by their ID #.

Here are the VIP commands:

/myhorse comehere - TP's your horse to you. Gold ranks and higher can use this.
/myhorse name - Renames your horse. Gold ranks and higher can use this.

Here are the owned horse limits:

Default: 1
Dirt Rank: 3
Iron Rank: 6
Gold Rank: 10
Diamond Rank: 15

Please don't complain to any of the staff about a horse that's been claimed/stolen.
It's your responsibility to claim and protect your horses.

St. Patrick's Day Sale!

All Ranks & Money Packs will be 15% off for today and tomorrow!

ERIKTHORTX I cant Teleport my horse over a long distance says my horse is far away
cheeseman86 damn plugin renamed my horses
Stickers This is awesome!!! ...
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