Top Monthly Voters & New TMods!

Pimpin Owner posted Thu at 8:53
Here's the top monthly voters:


Please PM me with the prize you'd like.

We have 2 new TMods!


Other Changes:

•Added colored names to the tab list.
•Added colored names to names above your player.

Only VIP ranked players will have colors.
Also, there's a bug where you may not see a persons skin.

StickersJacko Yaaaaay for gael and greyskull!!! ...

Player Market

Pimpin Owner posted Wed at 21:18

The players market is now open for business.
Here you can rent a stall and buy/sell your items.
It's nothing fancy, but it's functional.

To get there:

Type /pmarket.

How much are stalls?

The smallest (blue) stalls are $100 per day.
The medium (green) stalls are $400 per day.
The largest (red) stalls are $1000 per day.

How far can I break/build?

You can break the quarts floor all the way up to 1 block before the top of the tent.

How many can I claim?

Please claim no more than 1 stall.
If you need more room, you'll need to rent a bigger stall.

Jamo306 Slight problem I cant actually build in the one I claimed.

Today's Changes/Fixes

Pimpin Owner posted Tue at 2:35

•Beacons added to the shop for 25k.
•Sell signs that were sold by 34's were changed to 32's. My mistake.


•Ranking up will now ask you to confirm your rankup.
•Ranking up should no longer require me to fix your perks for VIP players.
•Ranking up should set you to the same rank in the nether world.

Rank Perks:

•Using TP commands like /tpa, /tpahere, etc. requires the Resident rank or higher.
•Using /auc start and /auc bid commands requires the Peasant rank or higher.

More rank requirements will be added soon.
If you have any ideas, post them in the suggestions section or PM me.

VIP Nether Perks:

•Donating for ranks should now automatically set your rank/tag in the nether world.

Current VIP's will most likely not have them in the nether.
If you don't have your rank/tag there, let me know if you see me online and I'll get it sorted.

rabbitio @ PimpinCraft Survival
the rankup doesnt work. and stil dont have perks in the nether.
StickersJacko Pimpin your a champion ...

AFK Farming

Pimpin Owner posted Sat at 14:00
Since there's been a lot of AFK farming evading attempts, I shall make an announcement of what is and what isn't AFK farming. If you're not at your computer, moving your player and clicking for your player, there's no reason your player should be moving.

AFK Farming:

•Using methods to have your player do something to earn skills/money like Fishing, Mining, etc. while AFK.

Being away from the computer and using auto clickers, auto movers, etc., is not allowed.

NOT AFK Farming:

•Actually playing the game yourself  and earning things the normal way instead of being lazy.

Anyone that continues with the AFK farming will be banned.
This rule has been covered in quite a few areas, so don't claim you didn't know.

qwertyu ty pimpin i feel like people are becomeing ranks really fast by afking and i was hopin you would realize ty bunches :]
456domino11 \o/ Finally
StickersJacko Thanks Big Chief
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