Name Changes

If you're planning on changing your user name, please note that it may break things associated with your old name.

It's best to hold off on doing this until the issue is fixed.





Pimpin Owner posted Sat at 4:12

The server has been updated to 1.8 and should work with 1.8 features.

Please note that there may be a few problems here and there.

If you notice any problems, please report them on the forum.




carter100 LEGEND Well I wont be on the server for a while.
rabbitio LEGEND
Pimpin Owner Should be fine now.

And the HG Arena winner is...

Pimpin Owner posted Feb 16, 15


Thanks to those of you who decided to join the event!

I plan to do more in the future when there are more players on the server.

The arena will be added within the next few days.

456domino11 LEGEND gtz looks nice by the preview
Tabs_555 LEGENDPRO Thanks! I put hours and hours of work making this all by hand. Hope everyone enjoys playing on it and may the odds be ev ...
ArcticWolf28 TModPeeta Gratz Tabs! It looks amazing just from that image!


Pimpin Owner posted Feb 16, 15

Particle Effects:

• Added particle effects to the survival shop.

A special effect will trail your character as you walk/run.

If you'd like to see an effect, I can show you in-game, but I'll try to get screenshots/video added soon.

Upon buying an effect, it'll be active on the Suvival and Hub servers.

Obsidian Rank Changes:

• Added the disarm skill to Obsidian ranks.

• Added double MCMMO XP for Obsidian ranks.

Hunger Games:

• Added a Pro rank to the HG shop.

This gives your the Peeta and Katniss rank for a discounted price.

Staff Changes:

• Remove thegreyestskull as TMOD due to inactivity.

I'm looking for new active TMODS, so if you're active then you might have a chance at being accteped.


Acetron87 TModLEGEND Sorry for the IA. I'm back now, unless lag kills me. But even with that I shouldn't go IA w/o a reason.
uaredisturbed LEGEND I would but in 17 days, I leave for USAF Basic Training, and won't have access to internet for 2 months
letz_do_this LEGEND I might reapply soon if I find enough downtime each day to play, well I guess we'll see after about a week if I play eno ...

HG Arena Design Contest

Pimpin Owner posted Feb 14, 15

Reposting this a reminder and also for the people who didn't see it.

I'm also extending the deadline by 1 day which is now Sunday, Feb. 15th.

Hunger Games Map Contest!



• Must be something created by you.

• Can be a big map or small map, but nothing outrageously big.

• The theme can be whatever you like.

• Must have chests in the middle of the map.

• Must have spawns around the chests.

• No more than 24 spawn points.

• Must have random chests around the map.

• Must be enclosed either by glass, mountains, etc.



Sunday, February 15th



The creator of the map chosen will get:

• Special winner on the site.

• $20 voucher for the HG donation shop.


Once done with your arena, you can submit it HERE.

Tabs_555 LEGENDPRO When will the winner be announced?
Server IP: