And away it goes.

Pimpin Owner posted Aug 31, 14
After some brain work, I've decided that Towny shall fall into the ruins.
From this moment on, the PimpinCraft Towny server will be offline.
This decision was based on the number of people that actually play Towny itself.
It's not really as popular as it used to be a while ago when we first started it.
If you worked hard on something, just remember that you're in the same boat as everyone else.
Whenever I have to close a server, the only thing I think about is how hard everyone worked on their stuff, but sometimes a fresh start is good for the server.
I'll list a few things below about what will happen next.

Towny Donators:

First of all, anyone who donated on the Towny server will receive something based on how much that player donated. This hasn't been thought out fully yet so more detail will come later.

New Servers

The first server type that'll open is Survival.
This seems like a solid base to build the new servers around.
It'll sorta be like Towny I guess, but it'll be more customizable as far as plot sizes, protected land, amount of money needed to be safe from the wilderness, etc.

As far as how long before the new server is up and running, I'd like to say within a few weeks.
I'll also be adding a 2nd server after which will probably be either Hunger Games or Factions.
Yup, might try Factions again.


The current Towny staff will all be demoted.
No one has done anything wrong (that I know of :p), but it's just right to have a new staff to go with the new server.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can leave a comment here.
To those who have stuck around so long, I appreciate all the patients and lovez.


Tabs_555 Im planning on changing the jungle out for a Mesa Biome, but i hope there can be maybe a contest for the map? http://img ...
Tabs_555 Pimpin! A long time ago I made a map for hunger games! I could send it to you if you want to check it out!
456domino11 Suggestion: Cracked.
Hello thur,

This last month went by in like 2 days, lol. Anywho, I would appreciate it if you guys could vote on the poll to the left above the shoutbox as it's sorta important. I need to know if you guys would rather have me start a whole new server type (meaning everything gets deleted, re-created and no more Towny) or just keep towny, try to advertise as much as possible and add a new server type to the hub. Donations will be needed soon, so we'll have to come up with something sorta quickly.

I don't want everyones work to go to waste, but then again I sorta feel like not many people play Towny and would be a waste to keep paying for it only for a few people to play it each day. Seeing as Towny hasn't gotten a donation in nearly a month, the only way keeping Towny would work is if we add a new server and that server gets enough donations to keep Towny and itself up. Towny probably won't stay alive on it's own much longer, unless some magical donations show up. If we decide to keep Towny and just add a new server to the hub, I can get a new server type up maybe within a few weeks.

Please vote on the poll and reply to this post with your opinions.


Marip New server Towny is dead
EHero70 Towny is dead people. Has been for a good while. Thing is, whenever there is a new server type, its fun at first, then i ...
Wreckurtion ./gamerule keepInventory true Not that hard to do. :l


Pimpin Owner posted Jul 27, 14
I know I haven't been active lately, but work is hitting me hard.
Work = I stay alive. Server = fun. But who needs to stay alive, right?
I've gotten quite a few PM's saying how I suck, the server sucks & I'm never online.
You're not telling me nothing I don't already know. :]

Also, I've been planning a vacation which I'll soon be going on for a week.
Once I return, I plan on adding a new server type to the hub.
What type you say? I'm not exactly sure just yet.
Buuuttttt, even if I were, I still wouldn't tell youz. Secrets are fun!

Well, just thought I'd update you guys on that since everyone's been wondering where I've been.
I plan to be more active wen I return from vacation. Even if it's only an hour a day.
My schedule is literally: Work, go home, shower, sleep, wake up & repeat. So fun. :c

Hopefully those of you that has been voting can keep doing so.
If not, I totes understand.

Marip Aswsome It will be great
456domino11 But I thought your schedule was supposed to be: Wake Up Go to Work Cut Work Early Play Vidya Games for 10 Hours Sleep fo ...
jar9 hi all, pimpin you rock.

Top Monthly Voters (June)

Pimpin Owner posted Jul 1, 14
Here are the top 3 voters for the month of June:

1st - Caaym
2nd - 456domino11
3rd - death_dragon1234

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