Merry Christmas!

Pimpin Owner posted Wed at 14:19
With Christmas nearing, we shall have a 20% off sale in the Donation Shop!
I planned on doing the sale a littler closer to Christmas, but seeing as this will be the last sale for a while, I've decided to start it a little bit earlier.
If you've been planning on getting or asking your parent for that rank you've wanted, now would be a great time to do so!
This sale will end on January 1st.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year!

ArcticWolf28 TMod U2 Pimps ;) <3<3
donnylwil TModLEGEND :D sweet

Top Monthly Voters!

Pimpin Owner posted Dec 1, 14
Here's the top voters for November:

1st: happycyclops101
2nd: donnylwil
3rd: Jamo306

Please PM me with the prizes you'd like! :]
donnylwil TModLEGEND Read mah pm.
happycyclops101 already have :)

2 new TMods

Pimpin Owner posted Nov 21, 14
We now have 2 more TMods to add to the bunch.


Welcome to the team!
No corruptness please, thanks. :P

nickizsick LEGEND congrats donnylwil :)
dini931 LEGEND Congrats guys :)
◬ Stickers ◬ Congratulations you two :)

Let's not abuse..

Pimpin Owner posted Nov 18, 14
Just a friendly reminder that if you notice something out of the ordinary or something which you can abuse, I highly suggest you report it.
Trying to abuse something to your advantage all because you wanted more items or more pimpbucks than everyone else is not worth it and will only result in being banned.
If you'd rather be banished, by all means continue.
If not, let's try to keep the gameplay fair, shall we?
Thank you.
456domino11 Naughty naughty.
Caaym ModLEGEND smfh
◬ Stickers ◬ *Hangs Head In Shame* I've let you down big chief. :'l
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