Arena Building Event!

Pimpin Owner posted 18 hours ago
Here's another Arena Building Contest!
Since we don't have an arena in town, we'll have a contest for someone to make it.
Some of you may remember the one we had for the spleef arena that ehero won.
Lets hope he doesn't join, haha. :P

Please click here for more info.

ArcticWolf28 o Can't wait! I'm not the best at building arenas, but still! xD
There's now a more simpler way to protect your lands
I won't type a long guide since videos are much more easier to understand.
To see the video guides, prices, commands, etc, you can click HERE.
Once you dig down, your claim area will also expand down.

If you claimed a region before with /rg claim, it'll be removed within the next 2 or 3 days.
You'll have access to /rg remove until then.
I suggest reclaiming your area with the new method so your builds aren't open to wild grievers.
Sorry, but no claim fees will be refunded as I cannot see who actually paid what.

If anyone asks how to claim land, you can tell them to type /landclaims.
Also, the tools used for claiming are a gold shovel and a stick.
Both are in the noob kit.

Since people are complaining about the new size limit of claims, may I remind you that
the region claims before counted air blocks, but this one does not. It only counts the width.
It also claims all the way up to the gods and 5 blocks down.

StickersJacko So if i start my claim down at bedrock it claims from that spot say for example y:5 to y:256??
plater1986 "claims all the way up to the gods" LIEZ

Ranking Up

Pimpin Owner posted Oct 13, 14
There's a problem with having a VIP Rank and ranking up.
Upon ranking up, you'll lose your VIP perks. Just let me know if you ranked up and I'll fix it.
It'll have to work like this until I can get it sorted out. At lease you'll be able to rankup. :P

Well, since the server will be open soon, I figured I'd post some stuffs that I didn't cover yet.
And re-cover some stuff I already covered. If you haven't, read the post under this one.
If you notice anything in-game out of the ordinary, please let me know.
Anything abused will result in a nice little ban.


As I said before, you'll spawn in a hotel. It's nothing special, but that can always be changed later.
There's rooms for rent here for rent if you need a place to stay.
If not, you can be off to create your region.


Speaking of regions, now that Towny is gone, you'll need something to protect your home.
You can do this with regions. For more info on regions, you can click here for the guide.


Applications for moderator are now open.
I would suggest being active, nice (most of the time) and helpful for better chances of getting it.
I'd like to hire 2-3 mods within the next week, but that all depends on how many players we get.


The rules were updated a bit.
Please take a look at them HERE.

Donator Ranks

Everything with the previous ranks is pretty much the same.
There's a new higher rank, which is the Obsidian rank.
Also, the Iron rank has been changed to Stone.
You can take a look at the donation shop if you'd like to see the perks.

Old Donators:

If you donated for a rank or money packs on Towny, they'll be returned to you.
In order to get them, you'll need to send me a PM with your username.
Make the subject of the message "Old Donator".

There's a few requirements:

1. You need to log into the new server at least once before you PM me.
2. You must PM me with the same pimpincraft.com account you used when you donated.

If someone donated for you, have them PM me your username, but it has to be with the account they used when they donated for you. Be sure to include that they donated for you in the message.

Any rewards from events, voting, etc. will not be returned, unfortunately.


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