Pimpin Owner posted Sun at 3:28
I know I haven't been active lately, but work is hitting me hard.
Work = I stay alive. Server = fun. But who needs to stay alive, right?
I've gotten quite a few PM's saying how I suck, the server sucks & I'm never online.
You're not telling me nothing I don't already know. :]

Also, I've been planning a vacation which I'll soon be going on for a week.
Once I return, I plan on adding a new server type to the hub.
What type you say? I'm not exactly sure just yet.
Buuuttttt, even if I were, I still wouldn't tell youz. Secrects are fun!

Well, just thought I'd update you guys on that since everyone's been wondering where I've been.
I plan to be more active wen I return from vacation. Even if it's only an hour a day.
My schedule is literally: Work, go home, shower, sleep, wake up & repeat. So fun. :c

Hopefully those of you that has been voting can keep doing so.
If not, I totes understand.

456domino11 But I thought your schedule was supposed to be: Wake Up Go to Work Cut Work Early Play Vidya Games for 10 Hours Sleep fo ...
jar9 hi all, pimpin you rock.
donnylwil Towny-Mod Can't wait to see what this new server will be.

Top Monthly Voters (June)

Pimpin Owner posted Jul 1, 14
Here are the top 3 voters for the month of June:

1st - Caaym
2nd - 456domino11
3rd - death_dragon1234


Top Monthly Voters (May)

Pimpin Owner posted Jun 5, 14
Here are the top 3 voters for the month of May:

1st - Caaym
2nd - kalebthehegehog
3rd - PrototypeAC

Send me a PM with your in-game name to claim your rewards.


Pimpin Owner posted May 24, 14
Here's a few changes for today:

• Removed citizens feature (crybabies don't have patience).
• Players can post their username on the MCF for 1k. Type /get1k.
• Blocked off a bit of the hub world to get rid of useless space. Not quite finished.

More to come soon.
Moonside_ lol at the "(crybabies don't have patience)" very professional of you to put that...nevertheless about time th ...
StickersJacko I like it Thanks Pimpin ...
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