Pimpin Owner posted Jul 27, 14
I know I haven't been active lately, but work is hitting me hard.
Work = I stay alive. Server = fun. But who needs to stay alive, right?
I've gotten quite a few PM's saying how I suck, the server sucks & I'm never online.
You're not telling me nothing I don't already know. :]

Also, I've been planning a vacation which I'll soon be going on for a week.
Once I return, I plan on adding a new server type to the hub.
What type you say? I'm not exactly sure just yet.
Buuuttttt, even if I were, I still wouldn't tell youz. Secrets are fun!

Well, just thought I'd update you guys on that since everyone's been wondering where I've been.
I plan to be more active wen I return from vacation. Even if it's only an hour a day.
My schedule is literally: Work, go home, shower, sleep, wake up & repeat. So fun. :c

Hopefully those of you that has been voting can keep doing so.
If not, I totes understand.

Marip Aswsome It will be great
456domino11 But I thought your schedule was supposed to be: Wake Up Go to Work Cut Work Early Play Vidya Games for 10 Hours Sleep fo ...
jar9 hi all, pimpin you rock.

Top Monthly Voters (June)

Pimpin Owner posted Jul 1, 14
Here are the top 3 voters for the month of June:

1st - Caaym
2nd - 456domino11
3rd - death_dragon1234


Top Monthly Voters (May)

Pimpin Owner posted Jun 5, 14
Here are the top 3 voters for the month of May:

1st - Caaym
2nd - kalebthehegehog
3rd - PrototypeAC

Send me a PM with your in-game name to claim your rewards.


Pimpin Owner posted May 24, 14
Here's a few changes for today:

• Removed citizens feature (crybabies don't have patience).
• Players can post their username on the MCF for 1k. Type /get1k.
• Blocked off a bit of the hub world to get rid of useless space. Not quite finished.

More to come soon.
Moonside_ lol at the "(crybabies don't have patience)" very professional of you to put that...nevertheless about time th ...
StickersJacko I like it Thanks Pimpin ...
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