2 new TMods

Pimpin Owner posted Fri at 11:39
We now have 2 more TMods to add to the bunch.


Welcome to the team!
No corruptness please, thanks. :P

nickizsick LEGEND congrats donnylwil :)
dini931 LEGEND Congrats guys :)
StickersJacko Congratulations you two :)

Let's not abuse..

Pimpin Owner posted Tue at 23:50
Just a friendly reminder that if you notice something out of the ordinary or something which you can abuse, I highly suggest you report it.
Trying to abuse something to your advantage all because you wanted more items or more pimpbucks than everyone else is not worth it and will only result in being banned.
If you'd rather be banished, by all means continue.
If not, let's try to keep the gameplay fair, shall we?
Thank you.
456domino11 Naughty naughty.
Caaym ModLEGEND smfh
StickersJacko *Hangs Head In Shame* I've let you down big chief. :'l

PimpinCraft Legends & Shop Sale!

Pimpin Owner posted Mon at 1:53
If you notice the orange "LEGEND" tag on someones username, they've been here for 1.5 years!
Users who haven't logged into the site in the last 6 months will not be included.
There's no in-game tag at the moment, but it's possible in the future.
Thank you guys for sticking around so long. :)

Also, for being so awesome, there's a sale in the Donation Shop!

For the rest of the month, everything will be 20% off!
Also, if you donate for any of the PimpBuck packs, you'll get extra PB:

50k Pack = Extra 10k PB
100k Pack = Extra 30k PB
200k Pack = Extra 70k PB

EastCraka (Invizibled) Dang, I coulda been on that list...
ArcticWolf28 TMod same here :3
Moonside_ LEGEND ty yer awesome pimp ...

Lotteries & Pets

Pimpin Owner posted Nov 7, 14
The Lottery has returned!
There's a main lottery where the ticket prices and winnings are lower.
Then there's a high rollers lottery where the ticket prices and winnings are higher.

Main Lottery:

How much are tickets?

$20 each.

How do I buy tickets?

/l buy <amount>
Example: /l buy 10

How many tickets can I buy?


How often does the lottery draw?

Every Friday so once a week.

High Rollers Lottery:

How much are tickets?

$500 each.

How do I buy tickets?

/l  buy HighRollers <amount>
Example: /l buy HighRollers 5

How many tickets can I buy?


How many players can join?

10 players can join the High Rollers lottery atm.
The pot can get up to $25k.

How often does the High Rollers lottery draw?

Same as the main lottery. Every Friday.


•Pets should now be functioning normally again.

Staff Changes:

•Caaym has been promoted to full Mod.

Caaym ModLEGEND awwwww yeah thanks pimp
StickersJacko Wooohoooo!!!! Mood for today +1
donnylwil TModLEGEND Congrats Caaym
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