Server Online

Pimpin Owner posted Sun at 23:30
After a lot of slacking and problems, the server is now online again.
There's not really anything exciting yet, but a Hub has been added once again.
It's nothing too pretty right now. Just temporary.
I'll be adding more servers once we get a few donations.
Hunger Games will probably come first.
Gonna need more active mods soon too.

Also, there's a new IP you must connect with which is hub.pimpincraft.com.

Thanks for being patient! :)

456domino11 LEGEND I DEMAND double jumping in the hub again ...
Tabs_555 LEGEND I have an Arena for HG! I would love to submit it in a contest!
ArcticWolf28 TMod I'm sure the hub'll look booootiful

Temp Offline

Pimpin Owner posted Jan 16, 15
Server Offline

The server will be temporarily offline for maintenance and fixes.
It should be back up within the next day week or so.

Thanks for being patient and sorry for the inconvenience.

ArcticWolf28 TMod We must let Pimpy do his work Dom :3 But i think its pretty funny how he changed it to week xD
456domino11 LEGEND about a week agoooooooooooo pimpin said it would be up within a day but he lied ;(

New Year/Top Monthly Voters!

Pimpin Owner posted Jan 1, 15
Happy New Year, guys!
I hope you all had a swell year and let's make this next one even better!
I wanted to let you guys know that I've been planning out a few ideas for new servers, but I'm so stuck on which I'd think would be best for now.
I'm thinking about re-trying Hunger Games, Factions or SkyBlock. HG for life. :D

Also, since it's the New Year, I've decided to extend the sale.
Not just an extention, but for TODAY ONLY the ENTIRE shop will be 40% off!
Nope, you're not drunk.
If you miss it today, it'll be 30% off for Friday, Saturday & Sunday which will be the last days.

I'd like to give a special thanks to all of the donators.
We definitely wouldn't still be up and running without you guys! ;)

As for the Top Monthly Voters, here they are:

1st - Donnylwil
2nd StickersJacko

Please PM me to claim your prizes!

donnylwil TModLEGEND HG has more potential as far as events and such, while skyblock gets boring when you have nothing left to do on your isl ...
Stix x Choose a unique server type otherwise I vote skyblock. ...

Merry Christmas!

Pimpin Owner posted Dec 25, 14

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone!
I hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year.

Also, I wanted to mention that the server will restart everyday at 11PM CST Time.
This should keep everything running nice and clean.

456domino11 LEGEND thx bae
Server IP: